Rifles include Rifles, SMGs and Shotguns. They tend to be the primary weapon. There are currently 12 Rifles:

M4CQBR (Forest), MP5N, AKM (Gold, Black, Camo), P90, G36, M16, MCS870 (Gold), K2 and FN FAL


1.Get a rifle with good sights that does damage. 

2.Use you rifle as your main weapon as the best way to survive.

3.NEVER challenge a rifle with a pistol or melee, use a sniper at a distance, use your rifle the rest of the time.

4.Use 1 or 2 lives to use only pistol. Go a round and shoot someone 1 or 2 times and when they get killed you get points for an assisted kill.

5.When sniping keep your head down so counter snipers can't get you.

6. Play with a friend,use the buddy system.That way if multiple people see you or something,you have a better chance of surviving, plus one could be a sniper and do long range and the other could do close range kills.

7.Try to secure the spawning ground before attacking.

8.Always have someone stay back to snip and a rifleman to help.                

9.Use a shotgun if you are going in to an urban map because it is good for close ranged combat.



Level to unlock:1. 

The weapon has medium-high rate of fire, medium-low damage and low recoil but has obstructive iron sights. Ideal for close and medium combat.The m4cqbr has 30 magazine.


Level to unlock:1.

This weapon has high fire rate, low damage and low recoil. Ideal for cqc combat. The mp5n has 30 magazine but becareful since the high fire rate of this weapon,the magazine run out so fast.make it harder to get long kill streak.


Level to unlock:1.

The akm has a high damage and slow rate of fire and medium recoil. Ideal for medium combat. The weapon has 30 magazine.


Level to unlock:7.

This weapon has very high rate of fire, very low damage, medium recoil and default red dot sight. Ideal for small maps. The p90 is the weapon with the biggest magazine in the game:50 rifle for running because p90 is the lightest rilfe in Rush Team.

G36 (in the HUD) G36C (in the game and in the description)Edit

Level to unlock:11.

The weapon has medium damage, medium rate of fire and low recoil but hard to unlock.Ideal for all combats.The G36 has 35 magazine.


Level to unlock:1.

This weapon has medium damage,medium-slow rate of fire and very low recoil.Ideal for long ranges.The M16 has 30 magazine. Its rare in the game because sniper rifles are better in long ranges.


This weapon is a pumpaction shotgun. the shotgun has high damage but, slow rate of fire, slow reload time and only four pellets. Ideal only for cqb combat. Not ideal at medium and long range and for enemy groups beacause of the high bullet spread, very slow ROF and small magazine size.

870MCS GoldEdit

This weapon is only for VIPS players along with the AKM Gold, Fire Axe Gold, Gold Granade, M40A3A1 Desert and LSR Camo. Has more damage than the Normal 870MCS and the texture is gold instead black.


Level to unlock 3.

The weapon has medium damage medium rate of fire and low recoil,Ideal for long range.It has 30 magazine

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